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Become a Member

There are 3 options to get a club membership.

1. Complete form below and mail check payment payable to Eau Claire Archers.  Membership card will be returned by mail once payment is received.  This can take up to a couple weeks.


Adam Stallman

10677 Partridge Rd

Eau Claire WI 54703


2. Memberships are available at Mouldy's Archery


3. Memberships are available at Scheels Service counter.(Memberships are only collected 2 times a year from Scheels.  You may not receive newsletters until we have your member card)

Annual memberships run from January 1st - December 31st of a calendar year.

When you purchase your membership you will receive the combination to the lock on the gate at the range.
The gate combination is changed on January 1st
Life members need to contact any board member to get the combination.

Shooting Information

No alcohol allowed on archery courses.
Broadheads ONLY allowed in DIRT BUNKERS on practice range.

Open Shooting
•The range is open to archery shooting by members only.
•Archery shooting is open dawn to dusk at member convenience.
•Archery courses are marked with start arrows. The East Range starts south of the practice shooting pavilion and the West Range starts near the driveway entrance across the road.
•Days prior to and during scheduled shoots the range may be closed. In the case of closure, signs will be displayed at the entrance of each range.
•During the summer 3-D targets are usually setup for open shooting on East Range. There will be orange stakes to mark a safe line of sight to targets. Feel free to move to a comfortable shooting position in the safe line of sight.  
Two 15 target field target courses are set up. These two courses have marked yardage stakes set up for NFAA field shooting. These target butts may have paper field targets or cardboard/burlap animal targets.

Scheduled Shoots
•Members must pay the shooting fee at any scheduled shoots.
•Public is welcome to shoot all Eau Claire Archer shoots.
•There are youth and adult classes at all shoots. 12 and under shoot free at all Eau Claire Archers shoots.

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